I am a researcher and translator (French to English) in the field of urban mobility, specialising in utility cycling and walking. With a background in architecture, journalism and urban and regional planning, I am able to offer a complete service for the research, writing and publication of documents in these fields. Architectural illustration and layout, technical writing and editing, and public presentations are also within my skill set. I look forward to engaging with your proposal for collaboration or future work via email or the form below.

Email info@brettpetzer.com

Time Zone UTC+2 (Base: Cape Town, South Africa)

Mobile +27 826119779

Skype bjm_petzer

Twitter @brettpetzer

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  1. find-way-net says:

    When one realises that a cycle lane barely wide enough for a car can move as many people as a four-lane highway and in total silence it is hard to think of sprawling, car-dependent societies as a utopia of personal freedoms. Brett Petzer shares his experiences and thoughts on planning the Cycling City.

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