Thirst and wine in the Cederberg

23rd April 2013 / 0 comments

Read in full at “The moonscapes of the Cederberg offer an experience by turns exhilarating, humbling and eerie. Luckily the region also offers good food and wine, whistling vistas and a hospitality that comes very naturally in the thirstland”.

Beyond the hidden city

19th March 2013 / 0 comments

Read in full at “Jordan is, for the average tourist, a long driveway to the millennial beauty of Petra. However, just as restaurants in France have to try that much harder to attract attention if they’re outside of Paris, so Jordan amply rewards the visitor for straying from the Middle East’s high-volume destinations. Its…

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Malta: ancient, modern, moreish

7th January 2013 / 0 comments

Read in full at “This sunny island steeped in history is a lot more than picturesque. The Maltese have held their own for centuries, and offer the modern visitor a cohesive culture alive with echoes of every part of the Mediterranean. And, as one might expect for a country named for the Greek word…

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