Article: Cape Town’s Anti-Apartheid Urban Plan – (June 2014)

10th July 2014 / 0 comments

The image above is a screenshot from a longer piece I co-wrote with the excellent Rashiq Fataar – read it here (free). The piece contains was built on a more than a dozen interviews with prominent decision-makers and thoughtleaders on the subject of Cape Town’s evolving urbanist vision for itself and its hinterland. The final piece…

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Review: Peter Cox’s Moving People

1st July 2014 / 0 comments

  I reviewed Peter Cox’s lively, concise and wise book on sustainable transport, Moving People.  An excerpt follows below, with the full article at the African Centre for Cities’  Although published in 2010, Peter Cox’s Moving People: Sustainable Transport Development remains a useful and rewarding read in 2014, despite the rapid growth and constant evolution of sustainable transport…

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