Quantifying racial segregation in Cape Town

13th February 2014 / 0 comments

A repost of a short article in FutureCapeTown.com (read here) Adrian Frith has produced a series of maps that give graphic form to what most South Africans already know intimately: that our cities are traversed by invisible frontiers that are tightly policed, that come into being as soon as you’re on the wrong side of them,…

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Book Review: Rogue Urbanism

5th February 2014 / 0 comments

A repost of my book review of Rogue Urbanism for FutureCapeTown.com (read full article) and for Aerodrome (read full article). Rogue Urbanism is the outcome of a research exploration by the African Centre for Cities (ACC) at the University of Cape Town  This year’s bedside book for those perplexed, fascinated, enthused and enraged by the African city…

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Losing Farmland is Forever

26th August 2013 / 0 comments

An excerpt from an article I wrote for FutureCapeTown.com. Read the full article here. In Cape Town, the Philippi Horticultural Area, a major source of employment and food security is under threat from encroaching development. Future Cape Town’s Brett Petzer analyses the city’s about-face on supporting development in the area. The fight for better cities…

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Disconnection and connection in Cape Town

19th June 2013 / 0 comments

Main image: Bruce Sutherland An excerpt from a longer thinkpiece written by myself and Rashiq Fataar of FutureCapeTown.com. Read the full article here. It also appeared at Urban Africa, who supported the work. Brett Petzer and Rashiq Fataar of Future Cape Town assess the influences and confluences of connection in Cape Town’s spatial, institutional and economic landscape….

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