MSc Dissertation

12th October 2016 / 0 comments

My Dissertation (University of Cape Town library entry) (PDF download link) Building on recent research on barriers to cycling mobility in low-income South African contexts, this study explored the role of the built environment as a determinant of cycling practices along a mobility corridor in Cape Town, South Africa. The communities surveyed reflect the demographic…

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Ingcaciso yoPhando

23rd August 2016 / 0 comments

Olu phando luquka inxalenye yethisisi yam yesidanga se-Masters kuCwangciso lweNgingqi neDolophu kwiYunivesithi yaseKapa, enomxholo othi “Uhlalutyo Olubalulekileyo lweziXhobo zeQondo lweNkonzo kwijelo lokuhambahamba eKapa”. Oku kuthetha ukuba ithisisi ifuna ukunikeza uhlolo lokuba enoba indlela ethile kucwangciso lwezibonelelo ezilulutho zokuqhuba ibhayisikile, olwaziwa ngokuthi Iqondo lweNkonzo lweBhayisikile, lufanelekile kummandla we-Far South waseKapa (ingakumbi e-Fish Hoek, eMasiphumelele, e-Ocean View…

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Far South Cycling Study

10th August 2016 / 0 comments

Welcome to the home page of the Far South Cycling Study, looking at the experiences of people who cycle as a means of transport around Cape Town’s far southern peninsula, with a focus on Fish Hoek, Masiphumelele and Ocean View. If you are someone who uses a bicycle to get around town and are interested in…

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Far South Cycling Study: Condensed Description

10th August 2016 / 3 comments

Ingcaciso yoPhando (isiXhosa version) This study forms part of my Masters dissertation in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Cape Town, titled “A Critical Evaluation of Bicycling Level-of-Service Tools in a Cape Town mobility corridor”. This means that the dissertation seeks to offer an assessment of whether a certain approach to the planning…

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Far South Cycling Study: Full Description

10th August 2016 / 3 comments

A Critical Evaluation of Bicycling Level-of-Service Tools in a Cape Town mobility corridor Problem or issue to be investigated In South Africa, cycling has been identified as a transport mode able to offer reliable, low-cost, short-to-medium distance mobility to commuters since at least 1987 (CSIR, 2003), with major updates to cycling policy occurring at regular…

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Fieldwork Day 3

8th August 2016 / 0 comments

The chief aim of today was to finalise everything for Ocean View: venue, refreshments, flyer design, dates and attendees. I was lucky to achieve all of that, with a bonus: a long ride with J and 15 or so lively, outgoing children, each with quite memorable and distinct public personas, even around a stranger like…

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Video: Pedestrian priority at a key Cape Town intersection

1st August 2016 / 0 comments

  Below, the first in a series of what I hope will be many videos capturing the experience of Cape Town’s pedestrian and cycling environment from an urban planning standpoint. In this video, you can see how, even on what is arguably Cape Town’s flagship pedestrian route, four motor traffic cycles go by on Buitengracht between…

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Idea: mapping bicycle collisions in Cape Town

31st July 2016 / 2 comments

I would like to establish a Google Map on which all of the cycling collisions (and muggings, and bikejackings) reported in the media can be mapped and tracked. There can be no doubt that such a map (if one doesn’t already exist – please DM me on Twitter or comment here, if so) would start…

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Presenting at the South African Transport Conference, 2016

18th July 2016 / 0 comments

From 3-6 July, I had the great luck of presenting a chapter written with Gail Jennings and Ezra Goldman that examines the last decade of investment in non-motorised transport in Cape Town at the South African Transport Conference at the CSIR conference centre in Pretoria. The time spent in Pretoria was interesting on a number of…

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Dissertation Fieldwork: Day 2, 27.06.16

28th June 2016 / 0 comments

I arrived around 10am at the Ocean View High cycling club, run by J. As it had been raining, that day’s planned school holiday cycling programme was cancelled and J and I spoke at the club, before going on a brief bike tour of the neighbourhood and having coffee and talking at Imhoff’s Farm. Although J…

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