B.J.M. (Brett) Petzer

Eindhoven University of Technology ( – PhD (expected submission 31 January 2021), School of Innovation Sciences, Bicycle Challenges Project (
WTMC, 2017-2019: Participation in the graduate school programme (link).
University of Cape Town ( – Master of City and Regional Planning, 2014-2016.
University of Amsterdam (Summer School) – Planning the Cycling City, July-August 2016.
University of Cape Town – Bachelor of Architectural Studies, 2008-2011
Rhodes University ( – Bachelor of Social Science, 2005-7. Majors: Politics and International Studies, French (distinction), English. Minors: Economics.

PhD publications and experience (see PhD abstract)
Journal articles, published:
Petzer BJM, Wieczorek AJ, Verbong GPJ. 2020. Cycling as a service assessed from a combined business-model and transitions perspective. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 36: 255-269.
Petzer, BJM, Wieczorek AJ, and Verbong GPJ. 2020. Dockless bikeshare in Amsterdam: a mobility justice perspective on niche framing struggles. Applied Mobilities: 1-19.
Journal articles, accepted (01/2021):
Petzer, BJM, Wieczorek AJ, and Verbong GPJ. The legal street: a scarcity approach to urban open space in mobility transitions. Urban Transformations.
Peer-reviewed book chapters, in press (01/2021):
“Collaborative business models and platforms in shared mobility transitions: the case of bikeshare integration” in Aagard A, Lüdeke-Freund F, Wells P (eds). 2021. Business Models for Sustainability Transformation. Palgrave MacMillan: London.
OSV40 – “Managing Sustainable Technologies”, tutor, 2017-2020
USE Base, tutor, 2017-2020, “Digital Futures” track
Conference presentations:
Cycling Research Board 2018, Amsterdam
Cycling Research Board 2017, Amsterdam
Velo-City 2017, Arnhem-Nijmegen
(Chair) Cycling Research Board 2020, Eindhoven, 27 October 2020 – Session 4.2, Perspectives on Bike Sharing
Editorial assistance and responsibility for fundraising
Cycling Cities: The Johannesburg Experience, Stichting voor de Historie der Techniek (