Youtube chat on Cycling-as-a-Service with George from the Urban Cycling Institute!

22nd April 2020 / 1 comment

  Top thanks to George Liu (@georgeintraffic) for this broad-ranging discussion focused on my first published paper, about cycling-as-a-service in the Netherlands (published here, open-access Author Version here – pdf, diagram mentioned in the chat here). The paper uses combines a business model (BM) and socio-technical transitions (ST) approach to analyse providers of cycling-based mobility…

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P2 – Comparing fleet size and local government relations for Cycling-as-a-Service providers in the Netherlands

15th June 2018 / 2 comments

This visualisation is an early preliminary result of my ongoing PhD research into the potential role of cycling-based mobility services in urban mobility transitions in the Netherlands. The first phase of this research concerns business models for ‘Cycling-as-a-Service’, a term I use to refer to all forms of mobility service that provide temporary access to…

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Bicycle Challenges PhD: Cycling-as-a-Service in the Netherlands (2017-21)

7th August 2017 / 1 comment

Welcome to the personal website of Brett Petzer, PhD candidate at the Eindhoven Technical University, working within the Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM) PhD Program: Bicycle Challenges. A bried Twitter-based discussion of urban space under the Corona pandemic is here. My most recent academic publication, on business models for bike share in the Netherlands, is here, and…

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