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Téléchargez mon CV en tant que traducteur

I have translated 60 000 words from French into English in the past 12 months, all part-time; now I intend on doing more, and ever-more specialised, translation while I study.

If you’d be so kind as to send me a 100-word sample text, I will send you back a sample translation of it by the end of the day (although usually within a matter of hours).

My work so far includes 25 000 words of marketing translations for a major multinational listed in London and Johannesburg, 20 000 words of legal contracts relating to port infrastructure, and 6000 words concerning airports in metropolitan France.

I have very few customers, with whom I’ve worked for more than a year; they provide the vast bulk of my work. Rates vary from ZAR 1/word for marketing to ZAR 0.5/word for texts related to my specialist field, urbanism, city planning and green transport.

I have a BA (with distinction in French) from Rhodes University and, as of early 2014, am actively pursuing accreditation as a translator with a variety of distance-learning institutions.