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I have extensive experience in editing, proofreading and writing for the Web and recently worked as a production editor, proofreader and feature writer at TheSouthAfrican.com, a London-based weekly newspaper and online community for international South Africans.

I know my way around a manuscript, and can help you polish it up, spot, stun and kill words that don’t contribute anything (before they grow up to resent you) and generally hone it to within an inch of its life. View the very many issues I designed (Jan ’13-November ’13) here and my features here.

Some of the front-page articles that best reflect my writing style and journalistic sensibility are these general features:

Oscar Pistorius and the hero-worship of South African sportsmen

The fake interpreter: cringe, the beloved country

The Olympics banned racist South Africa, why not homophobic Russia?

I also have broad experience in writing business features. Some of my areas of interest have been the following:

Business Process Outsourcing: South African youth, BPO and the looming skills mismatch

Business Travel: Greening Business Tourism: the low-hanging fruit

Skills Development and Human Capital: Fixing higher education key to progress: SA moots a four-year Bachelor’s

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