The chief aim of today was to finalise everything for Ocean View: venue, refreshments, flyer design, dates and attendees.
I was lucky to achieve all of that, with a bonus: a long ride with J and 15 or so lively, outgoing children, each with quite memorable and distinct public personas, even around a stranger like myself.

We rode from James’s shop to Scarborough Beach and back (about 15km). I was struck over and over by how little consideration motorists showed to us – a group of quite young children and two adults. Few slowed down; many were happy to pass within 20cm of a child’s elbow.

We finished by 5pm, after a late lunch with J at the Farm, and after having booked the Multi-Purpose Centre for two upcoming days.

Now home on train, fairly tired and a bit sunburnt but glad that fieldwork is 1/3 confirmed.