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“This sunny island steeped in history is a lot more than picturesque. The Maltese have held their own for centuries, and offer the modern visitor a cohesive culture alive with echoes of every part of the Mediterranean. And, as one might expect for a country named for the Greek word for honey, food-lovers are in for an especially good time.

Malta stands apart among the islands of the Mediterranean. The kind of skills that kept this small island and its 400,000 people – as many as live in Cardiff – intact through centuries of invasion and occupation are still evident in the bustle of the capital city, Valletta, and in the quality of life and food that await the (delighted) visitor.

Far from dolce far niente despite its bucolic landscape and tiny, picturesque harbours, Malta’s gallantry in the Second World War, when the island was besieged for two years, was such that the entire island was awarded the George Cross by King George VI – which the island promptly added to its flag.”